DC 2024

Washington, DC

This conceptual project explores the potential of Washington DC as an Olympic host city. While most Olympics produce seductive architecture intended solely for the glamour of the short term, this proposal envisions a legacy that recognizes the city’s need to absorb a projected 250,000 residents in 20 years. The plan imagines an extension of the McMillan plan across the river to Ward 8, treating the Anacostia as a center rather than an edge.

Extending the L'Enfant plan east to tie Ward 7 and 8
A re-imagined waterfront public park as a bioremediation filter for the Anacostia River
Fitting the requisite Olympic program requirements within the boundaries of DC

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Revamping the neighborhoods of Ward 7 and 8 with increased commercial density.
Analysis diagrams Investments and benefits analysis diagram
Jeff explaining the master plan design
Anacostia River Filtration Park
Literal and figurative connections between existing and proposed L'Enfant plan extensions
Filtration parks will continue to clean and benefit DC long after the end of the Olympics