Nest House

Delaplane, VA

This modern interpretation of a cabin retreat was crafted from modular components, including structurally insulated panels and a steel chassis. The 1000 SF home, built in less than 100 days for $250,000, uses 85% less concrete than a typical home. Born out of research, the house is clad in magnesium oxide wallboards that eliminate the need for exterior siding and interior drywall, and are extremely durable as well as fire and water resistant. Photography: Paul Burk

Interior view of the living room
Exterior view of the house and porch
Exterior of the Nest House
Exterior of the Nest House Interior view of master bedroom into bathroom

“Rustic Elegance”

The Washington Post, Scott Sowers

Exterior view of Nest House and surrounding landscape Interior view through the living room

“The interior, with its vaulted great room, abundant windows and crisp, clean detailing, upends the notion of a quaint cabin in the woods.”

Home and Design Magazine, Sharon Jaffe Dan

Photograph of the master bath
Members discussing the drawings Principals discussing Nest House site.
Photograph of the project in its context