Right Proper Brewing Company

Shaw, Washington, DC

This Shaw brew pub features an intimate scale in the front and a more expansive rear seating area with a view of the brewery. Where most pubs hide the workings of production, displaying only a few tanks, we chose to display the process from fermentation to barrel room, inviting the consumer to visually participate. Featuring a full service, 130 seat restaurant and 2 bar areas, the pub has been recognized for its unique atmosphere and offerings. Photography: Paul Burk

Historic storefront adjacent to restored Howard Theater
Rear seating and brew works, front bar, historic storefront (L to R)
View looking through renovated storefront
Stone tiles for interior finishes Wood samples for interior finishes
Rear bar and brew works

Listed as one of “10 New U.S. Breweries to Watch.”

Joshua M. Bernstein, Bon Appetit Magazine

Intimate storefront opening to an expansive rear with view of brew works Restaurant seating with brew works on left