Rowhouse Reconsidered

Captiol Hill, Washington, DC

StudioMB transformed a one-story retail building into a modern residence that seamlessly blends with its historic surroundings. The 4 bedroom home reconfigures traditional rowhouse design elements of light, service, and circulation. The interior, awash in light that cascades down and around a “service cube,” features interior balconies, tall windows and floating stairs for unobstructed views. White walls throughout reinforce the home’s open floor plan. Photography: Paul Burk, Sean Shanahan

Interior view of dining room and above skylight

“A contemporary respite in a neighborhood awash with history.”

The Washington Post, Kathy Orton

Stair Detail Skylight detail

Diagram showing natural light, service, and circulation
Interior view of kitchen

“A modern transformation awash in light.”

Capital Hill Retail Transformed into Modern Townhome, DC Urban Turf

View of family room through to the front of the house